Our Services

Referral & Appointments

Our team will connect patients to the right medical consultant and hospital with expertise in your treatment. We secure appointments of your choice so that you arrive in Singapore with complete peace of mind.

We also advise patients on the length of stay and cost estimates for treatment.



Meet & Assist

The hassle at the airport fades away when you find a friendly Medi-Connect staff waiting to receive you and provide Meet & Assist services, including Ambulance Service.




We know that having loved ones close by is often the best medicine when you are ill. Medi-Connect would arrange ideal accommodation to suit family needs. Our aim is to find short-term accommodation at serviced apartments or select hotels at affordable rates ensuring a pleasant and comfortable stay in Singapore.



Special Assistance

Our staff will go the extra mile to provide assistance in matters such as ticket reconfirmation and re-routing, visa extension, special dietary requirements, local sightseeing tour packages, rental of wheel chairs and transportation.


Follow up Care

Our work does not end when you leave. We remain your key point of contact for follow up on the medical treatment you receive from your home physician and any subsequent medical check up you require in Singapore.